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Designed to Make Your Phone Unbreakable

The SafeGuard Protection Package protects your phone from almost anything. Through careful research and development, we at Liquipel have crafted the best overall protection your phone would need in order for you to never worry about its safety.

So why not say goodbye to broken phones for good?



With the Impact-Resistant ArmorTek Case and the Nano-Shock Impact Screen Protector, our SafeGuard Protection Package guarantees to provide you all the must-haves for your phone’s overall protection. For any accidental drop, your phone will be completely protected with SafeGuard..

An accidental drop of your phone is almost unavoidable. But what you can avoid is the damage that your phone would take from a drop. With our military standard and four layer defense screen protector, we can assure you that this shield will protect your screen from any drop.

We are so confident with our SafeGuard Protection Package that a $150 product guarantee is attached to all purchases. This is the first and only phone protection product to provide a guarantee like this. The $150 insurance is there for you in case your screen breaks under the condition of correct installation. We do take our concept of “if you break it, we fix it” seriously.


$150 Guarantee

No Deductible

Cost: Included

ArmorTEK Case

Soft & Thin, with specially desiged shockproof Corners Clear, Impact Proof

Cost: Included

Nano Impact Screen

Multi Layered Thin Screen Protector Made in Japan

Cost: Included


No Guarantee

High Deductible

Average cost: $69.99 - $199.99

Standard Drop Case from Retailer or Online

Average cost: $29.99 - $39.99

Standard Screen Protector form Retailer or Online

Average cost: $19.99 - $39.99