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No More Broken Screens

We have taken iPhone screen protection to another level to provide you security on three levels at a price of $24.99. There is no other brand that has been able to offer such a protection. Liquipel understands that accidents happen, but why not prevent them – save time, expense and don’t get disconnected from your important communications. After rigorous testing and planning, the perfect screen protector was created using Nano Shock Impact Screen Protection and a $100.00 guarantee with no deductible. We stand behind our product. Be a part of the protected group.

Registration & Warranty FAQS

Q: How do I register my warranty?

  • You must register your limited warranty at www.liquipel.com/registration within thirty (30) days of purchase. Failure to do so may void the warranty.

Q: Is this limited warranty transferable?

  • Unfortunately, this limited warranty is non-transferable and only applies to the original purchaser and their device.

Q: How long will the limited warranty be effective?

  • The limited warranty will be effective for a period not to exceed one (1) year beginning with the original purchase date. This period shall be defined in or on your original product packaging or purchase receipt.

Q: What does the limited warranty entail for SafeGuard Lite?

  • The Liquipel Safeguard Lite product is fully guaranteed against defects in materials or workmanship. Subject to the guarantee limit during the term of the limited warranty ($100 for SafeGuard Lite) if the Liquipel screen protection product is properly installed and your device experiences screen breakage, or material damage to the screen. Liquipel will then pay you up to the guarantee towards the repair or replacement of the devices screen only.

Q: What does the limited warranty not cover?

  • It does not cover screen breakage or material damage to the device resulting from catastrophic damage that renders the device inoperable, including but not limited to liquid damage and destruction of the device.
  • It does not cover product damage that may have resulted from normal wear and tear or misuse/abuse of the product.
  • It does not cover damage to your device if the Liquipel product screen protection product is not properly installed on your device. (See instructions on the packaging on how to proper installation process)
  • Liquipel will not be liable for any indirect or incidental damages arising from the use of this product.

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