all-STREAM Wireless Audio Receiver

all-STREAM Wireless Audio Receiver - a stand-out with its HD-quality sound, 10 meter-range V4.1 Bluetooth connectivity, and long battery life. Capable of connecting to any home speakers, dock speakers, headphones, TVs, and car stereos thanks to its V4.1 Bluetooth connectivity. Pairing is simple. Just plug in any 3.5mm device and enjoy crisp, clean sound even from 10 meters away. The all-STREAM Wireless Audio Receiver also clips onto your pocket and lets you talk on the phone for up to 8 hours.

No headphone jack? No problem!

  1. Connect with your device’s Bluetooth.

  2. Plug in 3.5mm headphones or device.

  3. Play your music or take that phone call.

FCC-compliant Bluetooth-enabled audio receiver

  1. Does not cause harmful interference.

  2. Accepts any interference received.

Go wireless whenever, wherever.